About Us

The mission of GwiYoMi HAIR is to enable women to become the most beautiful version of herself she can be. We use everything from Glamorous Accessories to Hair Extensions to compliment the inner beauty that is found by the woman or that may be hidden. Most all of our Hair Accessories are Handmade and Imported from South Korea and use certified Swarovski Crystals. Our earrings are also Handmade and Imported from South Korea and the at our kiosk at the Mall of America, we have the Certificate of Utility Model Registration given to the Inventor of the Double-Sided Earring model by South Korea's Intellectual Property Office. 


Our store is based in the form of a kiosk on the first floor of Mall of America. Our business was co-founded by Henkug Choi and JongHyun Bang who wanted to help enhance women's inner beauty. Our first place of business was at Ridgedale Center in Minnetonka, MN until we moved to the Mall of America in July of 2016. 


We hope that GwiYoMi HAIR is what you need to enhance your inner beauty and we will assist you in any way possible. 


Happy Shopping!!